A book that examines the Mormon Church like never before!

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​​Where is Jesus?

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Brenton is,  first and foremost, a believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, having been adopted into His family in January of 2007.  After several years of leading worship at his church in Southern California, God called him into full-time ministry. He is currently the Worship Pastor at Centerpoint Church in Orem, Utah and loves what he does. He is also working towards earning his Masters in Divinity from Liberty University.

He is happily married to the woman of his dreams and is a proud father of three amazing children.

Where Is Jesus? is his first book and was written for his friends and family in the hopes that they know how much God loves them and desires a relationship with them. 

Meet the author

"As a former Mormon, I was taught many things.  But, no matter what I learned in Sunday school, in sacrament meeting, in my priesthood 

meetings, my seminary classes, or during General Conference I always believed that, ultimately, Jesus was the focus.  Now removed from the LDS Church, I was able to honestly examine my Mormon upbringing and see for myself is this was indeed true.  

Where is Jesus?  is the result of that study."

-Brenton Laidler